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Montana Historical Maps display historical points of interest on a county-by-county basis. The maps are the result of meticulous research, and are drawn in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Historic sites on the maps include:

Rural Schools (Closed and Current)
 Post Offices
Pioneer Ranches (Before 1900)
Roads and Trails
Forts and Trading Posts
Battles and Skirmishes
Noteworthy Incidents

A comprehensive historical inventory on one sheet. Also included are a selection of area pioneer brands, along with an index source list, and acknowledgements.

The following Montana Counties are available for $12.00 each:

  • Valley County (Glasgow): 5,061 sq. mi.; 270 historic sites; 23" x 35"; printed on fine woven linen paper.

  • Phillips County (Malta): 5,211 sq. mi.; 299 historic sites; 23" x 35"; printed on fine woven linen paper.

  • Cascade County (Great Falls): 2,711 sq. mi; 280 historic sites; 35" x 23"; fine woven linen paper or aged parchtone cover-stock (very durable).

  • Fergus County (Lewistown): 4,350 sq. mi; 360 historic sites; 35" x 23" fine woven linen paper.

  • Wibaux County (Wibaux): 890 sq. mi.; 124 historic sites; 17" x 23" fine woven linen paper.

  • Rosebud County (Forsyth): 5,026 sq. mi.; 386 historic sites; 23" x 35"; fine woven linen paper.

  • Richland County (Sidney): 2,103 sq. mi.; 305 historic sites; double-sided: historical sketch, brands, and index on reverse; 23"x 17"; fine woven linen paper.

  • Yellowstone County (Billings): 2,648 sq. mi.; 540 historic sites; double sided: Billings-Laurel inset, brands, and index on reverse; 35" x 23"; printed on aged parchtone cover-stock.

  • Treasure County (Hysham): 984 sq. mi.; 145 historic sites; 17" x 23"; printed on aged parchtone cover-stock.

  • Fallon County (Baker): 1,622 sq. mi.; 180 historic sites; 17" x 23"; printed on aged parchtone cover-stock.

  • Chouteau County (Fort Benton): 3,996 sq. mi.; 722 historic sites; double sided: Ft. Benton-Judith Landing Missouri River detail, rivercraft illustrations and pertinent artwork, sources and acknowledgements on reverse; separate index booklet; printed on aged parchtone cover-stock. $20.00.

  • Map of the Historical Crow Nation and its Connection to the Great North- west, by C. Adrian Heidenreich and Michael Bugenstein. Included are two maps:

    • The Crow Nation Before 1855: Tribal villages, forts and trading posts, battles and skirmishes, rendezvous sites, early explorers’ tracks.

    • Trails blazed in the North-West. Principal explorers’ trails: Verendrye (from Parkman), Lewis & Clark, Jedidiah Smith, Ashley, Oregon Train, etc., along with northwestern tribal villages, rendezvous sites, etc.

On the reverse side is a comprehensive index using appropriate symbols and a dramatic1855 illustration of a tribal hunter on horseback taking aim with bow and arrow. Printed on aged parchtone paper. $15.00.

  • Pioneer Brands bookPioneer Brands Advertised in the Bad Lands Cowboy and the Dickinson Press,1883-1900, by Michael Bugenstein and Douglas Ellison. Replica of late-19th century brand book using brand cuts from frontier newspapers. Brands include: Theodore Roosevelt, Marquis De Mores, Wadswoth, Quinion, and OX and 777 (Texas cattle outfits). Also included is a historical sketch and an 1885 “Cow Boy Dictionary” from the Medora Bad Lands Cow Boy in original type. Wire-bound. $9.95.

On map orders, please add $6.00 per order for shipping: mailing tube and postage.
All orders are promptly sent by first-class or priority mail, whichever is faster.

For books, please add $2.50.

Please send orders to:

Michael Bugenstein
615 S. Pearson
Glendive, MT 59330
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Call: (406) 377-1922
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